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has hiked their food and drink prices by 7.5% in a move which will see the price of a pint increase by up to 29p.
The popular low-cost pub chain has also risen the prices of meal deals by up to 75p amid the cost-of-living crisis. 
This comes weeks after it confirmed that .
The new changes by Wetherspoons now means the cost of a pint of Carlsberg has risen from £2.39 to £2.57, a pint of Stella has gone from £3.35 to £3.60 and a Leffe has spiked from £3.85 to £4.14.
Wetherspoons has increased food and drink prices by 7.5 per cent, which means the price of a pint and meal deal will all now be higher 
A pint of Stella now costs £3.60 after the price increase, rising from £3.35 
The cost of a pint of the popular Belgian Leffe beer has risen from £3.85 to £4.14
For Corona fans, a pint will now be £3.71 after originally only costing £3.45 and Sakarya alkollü mekanlar a pint of San Miguel has risen by 26p to £3.71. 
In Oxted, a fish and Sakarya alkollü mekanlar chips with an alcoholic beverage was £9.90 but it is now £10.65.
An 8oz sirloin steak with an alcoholic drink is now £10.27, up from £9.55.
To add to this, an ultimate burger with a pint of beer has increased from £9.85 to £10.65 while a chicken tikka masala with the same drink choice has gone from £9.70 to £10.43.
But it's not only dinners which are being affected - a large breakfast will now set you back £6.34 after previously being £5.90 and a cup of tea or Sakarya alkollü mekanlar coffee has gone from £1.35 to £1.45. 
Fish and Sakarya alkollü mekanlar chips with an alcoholic beverage was £9.90 but it will now cost you £10.65
The ultimate burger meal at Wetherspoons has also seen an increase in price 
Even the large breakfast has seen an increase in price.

It will now cost £6.34 after rising from £5.90
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